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Artwork (Cover) Design

Let’s design your album art for your next release! High-quality, unique and affordable.

Our team has designed over 300 album covers for artists all over the world. Some of these even got to TOP 100 lists on various countries.
*Your artwork won’t have watermarks and won’t be added to our gallery if you don’t request it specifically.

✓ High-Quality
✓ Unique
✓ No attribution
✓ White label
✓ Commercial use rights
✓ Distribution ready resolution
✓ Revisions after delivery
✓ No watermarks

Delivered in: 3000 x 3000 resolution, High Quality PNG & JPG

Estimated delivery time: 3 Days


  • You can add multiple artists. Seperate them with a comma.

    • $
    • $

    Do you want us to use a photo of your choice in your design? Upload it here! (Not required)

    • (max file size 2 MB) $

    You can choose the overall color scheme of your cover art. (Not required)

    • $

    Check out these cool extras for your cover art!

    • 5 $
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    • 2 $
    • 25 $
    • 72 $

    Please let us know what should be in your photo. The photoshoot will be done in your way. (Not required)

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    Add in details about your song here. Also you can leave us a message about your cover art here. (Not required)

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