Louder Mix (Clipping Mastering)

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Let’s make your mix louder.

Clipping is bad, but you can use it to your advance! In today’s music industry, loudness wars are on the rise. So, almost every artist uses clipping in their final mix. But, it can give horrible results, depending on the execution. You can’t just crank the max volume to higher than 0db and expect things to work out.


Let us help you with this important part of your new awesome production by bringing the best available sound! As always, we really value your production. Every possible improvement will be made by us, thus leaving you with the joy of your finished & polished production.


In Starrish Sounds, we can make your mix louder using our tools, without noticeable clipping artifacts. This will make it much more louder, without compromising much quality.

Best of all, this service is 100% white label, meaning you won’t need to include our name in your release.

What do we need?

  • Estimated Delivery Time: 12 – 32 Hours

Don’t forget to add your song at the checkout. We recommend using WeTransferas they’re industry standard for sending files. You can also mail them to us and let us know about it at the checkout.


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