Custom Melody Writing

$8.00 $4.00

Do you need a HIT SONG Melody? We got you covered! Let us compose you a catchy 100% ORIGINAL melody.

Once you receive your delivery, the melody will be 100% customizeable.

Best of all, this service is 100% white label & will be ghost produced, meaning you won’t need to include our name in your release.

What do we need?

What assets will be delivered?

✔ MIDI file of your very own custom melody
✔ MIDI file of the accompaniment chords & progression
✔ MIDI file of the bassline
✔ Guide of your melody, with piano sound
✔ Guide of the chords, with piano sound
Bonus melodies: We experiment with your melody, and might come up with other cool accompaniment melodies!

  • Estimated Delivery Time: 2 Days


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