Turn Your Lyrics, Into A Song – Custom Lyric Melody Writing


Let’s give a new life to your lyrics!

Awesome lyrics deserve an awesome melody. At least, that’s what we believe in 🙂

As the music industry gets more crowded, standing out from the competition gets harder every day. What became the most important thing, is the least cared thing: UNIQUENESS!
That’s why in Starrish Sounds, our #1 goal is crafting unique new vibes.

= Every genre is possible! = After ordering the gig, you will be asked about your lyrics and much more customization options so that you can tweak the result beforehand.

Best of all, this service is 100% white label & will be ghost produced, meaning you won’t need to include our name in your release.

What do we need?

You can also send us your backing track, if you have one.

What assets will be delivered?

★★★ Basic pack: ✔Maximum 3 Verses (Chorus is not included) ✔Vocal Demo in MP3 ✔100% Commercial Use ✔Satisfaction Guarantee ✔Everything*!

★★★★ Standard pack: ✔Maximum 7 Verses (Chorus is not included) ✔Vocal Demo in MP3 ✔100% Commercial Use ✔Satisfaction Guarantee ✔Everything*!

★★★★★ Premium pack: ✔No Verse Limit ✔Vocal Demo in MP3 ✔100% Commercial Use ✔Satisfaction Guarantee ✔Everything*! ✔Sheet Music Guide ✔MIDI Guide ✔Discount Codes


* Everything = There’s no limits in our melodies. Selecting cheaper packs won’t affect the quality.

  • Estimated Delivery Time: 5 Days
  • 4 Revisions


  • Do I have to include Starrish Sounds as songwriter in my release?

No. This is a ghost-production gig, so you shouldn’t add us in any way in your release. However, a word-of-mouth like “hey, I got my melody written from Starrish Sounds, they’re awesome!” would be enough 🙂

  • Do I need to pay royalties to Starrish Sounds if I use the delivered melody?

Of course you don’t need to, as all of our melodies are 100% pure ghost-produced. Our team members has been in this business for approx. 10 years, so they know and understand how the industry works, and always coming up with solutions that won’t hurt the main artist.

  • I also need a great vocalist. Do you guys have one?

Yeah! We work with awesome vocalists. Just check out “Vocalists” section in our services page.

  • Can I use the Vocal Guide in the final song?

No, unfortunately. It’s only meant to be a guide. If you need a vocalist, we offer great vocalists here in Starrish Sounds.

  • Which languages are available?

We can work with lyrics in English (US/UK/AU), Spanish (Español), Turkish (Türkçe), Azerbaijani (Azerice).

  • Do you have any examples? Can I see other clients’ delivered melodies?

No, unfortunately. At Starrish Sounds, privacy is our #1 thing. All melodies are ghostwritten, so we never-ever publish or share them. Everything is top secret. However, your melody will be awesome, guaranteed 😉

  • I already have a song melody. Can you improve it?

Sure thing! Just send us a part of your song via our contact options.

  • Can you provide rap flow guides?

Our vocal guides can provide rap guides too. However, we can’t do double-speed ones. They won’t be sung in the guide.

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