Starrish Unlimited Licence

This licence only applies to the products marked as “Starrish Unlimited Licence”.

The following bulleted list only applies to the “Remixed File”, which is described at the end of the list.

✔ Own 100% of the royalties
✔ Share your work everywhere
✔ Unlimited commercial use
✔ Unlimited for-profit live performances
✔ Unlimited radio streams
✔ Unlimited streaming platform distributions
✔ Unlimited physical copy sales
✔ Unlimited music videos

✘ Non-exclusive License

“Licensee” refers to the person who makes the purchase, and gives their details.
“Remixed File” refers to the outcome after mixing the file delivered from/via Starrish Sounds, with Licensee’s own additions.
“Plain File” refers to the file delivered from/by/via Starrish Sounds.

Starrish Unlimited Licence is an agreement between the Licensee and Starrish Sounds. Every person who purchases an item, marked as “Starrish Unlimited Licence”, from our website ( can remix and adapt the file. After remixing or adapting the file (example: recording a voiceover or lyrics over it and mixing both files together), the Licensee, using the remixed file, can collect royalties, make for-profit live performances, distribute physical copies, add/distribute it to streaming platforms, share it anywhere, play the finalized remixed file on any radio station for an unlimited count of streams, use it on any visual content including music videos. Any plain file that contains samples are clearly marked in their respective product pages. Licensee is responsible for clearing the samples, unless otherwise stated.

Please note that this licence doesn’t grant any kind of rights listed here: reselling the plain file, adding the plain file to YouTube Content ID, redistributing the plain file in any kind of form (online or offline), uploading the plain file to any online video or audio distribution platform, rebrand the plain or remixed file and redistribute and/or share it.

Starrish Sounds won’t take any royalties from any money made from the usage of delivered files, unless otherwise stated.


This licence has been written in English. Starrish Sounds shall not be held liable for any translation errors. Starrish Unlimited Licence can be updated at anytime without any notices, but Licensee has to only accept and apply to the given terms on the day of their purchase. You can contact Starrish Sounds in order to find the past issues of this license, whenever you need it.