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Option 1 uses a local payment processor and in rare cases it may reject certain credit cards. We recommend you to try Option #1 first as your funds will be deposited instantly this way. If it does not work, use Option #2 (no worries, your funds will be available in less than an hour)

We can only accept PayPal through Option #2.

Our PayPal is not suspended due to fraud. We simply cannot receive direct payments via PayPal at the moment 🙁

Starrish Sounds is currently located in İzmir Turkey, and due to cetain circumstances we cannot receive direct PayPal payments since 2016. Read more about it by clicking here.
Therefore, we’re using our partner service GumRoad to continue serving our clients who would like to use PayPal. All of our methods are safe to use. Please use Option #2 for PayPal. Thank you for your understanding.